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620 Grand Avenue, New Haven

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620 Grand Avenue

New Haven

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This is a two story concrete building formerly occupied by the City of New Haven Housing department.  The building has a large fenced in parking lot for 35 cars.  There are four sections of this building available which may be rented individually, together, or in any combination.  All spaces have fire sprinklers.


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There is approximately 2000 square feet of finished office space.  Carpeted with acoustical ceilings, three private offices, and two bathrooms.  Two new gas fired HVAC units installed Oct 2012.  Electric and gas sub-metered utilities.  Regular and customary water usage included in rent. 


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There is approximately 2000 square feet of industrial space with 18’ clear ceilings and a truck height loading dock which is shared with another tenant who accesses dock 3-5 times per month.  Two new gas fired space heaters installed Oct 2012.  Electric and gas sub-metered utilities.  One shop bathroom with urinal, toilet, and slop sink.  Non-process water usage included in rent (ie, bathroom usage only).



There is a 2500 square foot garage attached to the warehouse space that can be additional warehouse space or independent space.  Currently not heated, but has a gas line into the space for installation of a heater which can be negotiated.  Space has a large overhead door that allows for vehicles to be driven in.  Can be used for a garage for vehicles or can remain closed and be heated for industrial space.  There is no water or bathrooms in this space.  Sprinkler in this section of the building is a dry system that charges upon activation.  Clear ceiling height is 11’-6”.


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A concrete mezzanine is over the existing office space, approximately 2000 square feet is available expandable to 3000 square feet.  The entrance to this space is a stairwell inside the front lobby which leads directly to the space.  Currently the floor is unfinished as well as the ceiling.  Steel joists and the insulated deck of the roof make up the ceiling.  Painting would provide for an ideal “deco” look. 

This space is highly customizable and has been left somewhat unfinished so that it can be tailored to the person taking the space.  Large floor to ceiling windows along outside wall of this space provide for abundant natural light into the space.

Total price for this space is between 950 and 1450/month + utilities, and is negotiable depending upon the amount of space desired and the work needed to prepare the space.  Insurance must be kept at all times.